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October 1947 cave creek UFO crash site 

Selman graves


Aliens Uncovered


Documentary series

When it comes to this topic, this project will be completely different from what you're traditionally used to seeing in a film/series. We have already started production on the 1st installment, called "Extraterrestrial or ManMade," which is a 6 part film/series that is currently focusing on the strange phenomena that takes place in the Arizona Sky. Instead of talking about "UFO's" and what we have discovered, we will show the general public, the best times to spot an Unidentified Flying Object. Currently, we are working on Chapter 2, which contains photo & video evidence of modern day recovery methods when these crafts touchdown unexpectedly. Other chapters show viewers how to differentiate between what is ours, what is not, and providing a crucial link as to why these sightings take place. "We know how to spot Unidentified Fly Objects & Unexplained Aerial Phenomena", we stand firm behind that statement. Journey with us as we travel the state to interview witnesses, capturing footage along the way. 



 Apart of "The All Tales" franchise

This 3 part series  answers the questions that the general public has asked for years

involving Unexplained Aerial events that have occurred over Arizona from

1998-Present Day. 

For your Safety 

Some areas of interest with in this series will be kept confidential for YOUR safety as well as ours! With permission to film near undisclosed areas, we have promised to keep these locations classified and not to disclose these areas of interest for publicity or popularity reasons to promote 

"Extraterrestrial or ManMade"

 Unexplained Aerial Phenomena or Unidentified Flying Object?

This sighting occurred on Feb 9th, 2015. A solid "red orb" changed its appearance into a black triangle object with 3 lights on the bottom of it. We will show you have how we photographed this craft and who it belongs too..


Some of the Biggest UFO cases in History

 happened in Arizona!


A research and study conducted by Linda Miller-Costa & Cheryl Costa shows that in between 2001 & 2015, Maricopa county houses the 2nd most UFO Sightings in the Nation with 2,523 confirmed sightings, more than 


Arizona came in 7th as a state with 4,276 reported sightings however, it currently has some of the most famous cases known to date including "Fire in the Sky" the Travis Walton story, Marana Base sighting, and the well known 

The Phoenix Lights. 

Stay up to date with the latest news here 

for the upcoming series.

Extraterrestrial or Man-made 

August 8th, 2015

A black triangle appeared in 3 photo's at a Bmx sporting event, in the desert. The photographer did what most people would do and posted the images to Social media, to seek answers. What took place over the following week lead to a huge discovery...


We found what they were looking for!


THE WEEK OF 8th, 2015

Black Triangle

During one of the hottest months of the summer

A photographer attended a Bmx event on August 8th, 2015, in North Phoenix. 

As one of the riders passed by, 3 images were taken capturing a black triangular object with vertical stabilizers . There was a report done to prove authenticity of the images as well as attempt to identify what this object may be. 

What took place in the following days lead to discovery that changed the photographer for a lifetime!






Complete with a WiFI tracking telescope, canon camera mount and night vision , join us for a night watch. We give tours of the night sky and hunt for the unidentified. 

Use the redemption code 


Good for 1 Night watch pass per party.

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