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Clive Christopher

Owner/DIrector/Producer/Co-Editor & Writer/ Voice Actor/ Filmmaker

Say Hello to the team

Maryjane Byfield


CEO and actress. Mj appeared in her 1st film debut Aliens Uncovered released in 2022.

Chaila Cleveland


Based in Greensboro, Chaila oversees the east region of operations

Ruhama Gastelum

VP Marketing

Ruhama oversees all marketing and advertising campaigns.

Shaunna Echohawk

Actress/ Tv Personality/ Voice over actress

Prior to making her film debut in Aliens  Uncovered, Shaunna appeared on Bering Sea Gold season 12.

Elijah Byfield

Head of Media /Creative concepts

Elijah handles Media & Photography on Easter region.

Mario Martinez

Actor/ Head of cyber security protection

With a degree in Cyber Security, Mario keeps our infrastructure safe and secure. 

Jaelin Byfield

Lead editor / Camera operator/ Control room

Jaelin's editing and production skills are top notch. Running remote production and minimizing operator errors during live events, he runs the control room.

Dustin Moore

Drone operator

Dustin has sadly passed away.  His contributions were drone operator / photographer/ and voice over actor. Dustin Co-produced Aliens Uncovered which came out August of 2022. R.I.P.

Elizabeth Compton

Writer/ actress

Elizabeth has written over 20 books, currently published. She also starred in her 1st film called Aliens Uncovered, released in 2022.

Dante Grazionale

Director of Photography/ DKG Studios

Dante provides DKG Studios as a home for all staged and production Value. He also assist creative content and finalizing scripts.

Loni Nelson

Social Media Manager

Loni handles all social media platforms and content posting.

Randall Byrd

Videographer/Sound engineer / Byrd Vision

Handles all action videography and approves all sound for QC.

Sonja Shelton

Analytics Department

Provides charts on streaming numbers and trends.

Adriana Martinez


Handles all accounting

Shawn Branch

Casting Coordinator 

Conducts all casting and interviews

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