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Phoenix, Arizona

If you live here, you become familiar with seeing Unidentifiable Flying Objects almost immediately however, you learn what is Ours and what is Not. If you don't believe, go to any city within this beautiful state and look in the sky during Sunrise or Sunset hours.

Arizona Sky never disappoints!

"Phoenix Resident"

15 With 20/13 vision

This is a story of a Grandmother (Sweetheart) who, may or may not have been involved in Secret Government Activity & her grandson, a 15 year old boy named Chris, an underaged employee at Sky Harbor airport with exceptional ability, 20/13 eyesight. While Chris was on his way home from work, he witnessed an event, now known as 

''the Phoenix Lights" 

An event that caused his Grandmother to break her silence!

What seemed to be a normal week






Death of Christopher



What was that?



The Meeting






Phoenix Lights



Message received

The date is March 13th, 1997. What appeared to be another typical Thursday evening for residents in the Valley of the Sun, quickly changed as the "Lights" began to emerge and glide with unity across the Arizona night sky.

Lights over Phoenix


Thursday 13th 1997

Thursday, the Arizona Wildcats started their championship run beating South Alabama in the first round of March Madness. The Halibot Comet attracted eyes towards the night sky, however the calls came pouring in about a V shaped craft that left citizens speechless.​

First Reports

Based off of verified witness accounts it seems as though the Phoenix Lights started in 2 different location other than Phoenix. Around 7:30pm the formation was seen over the Superstition Mountains, and then around 7:55 it was reported in Henderson, Nevada.

Flight Path

The timed stamped sighting reports the V-shapeed object lights appeared in Nevada and traveled southeast through Paulden, Arizona and the Prescott area before eventually making its way to Phoenix where it gained its popular name. Disappearing south of Tucson near the Mexico Border


The object itself was had to be about a mile in length in a V-shape with up to 9 orbs shaped lights that came on. As the object passed through the night sky it appeared as if one could see right through it. Imagine hold a plastic water bottle over your head and looking through it, you could see the stars through the craft. "Phoenix Resident"​

The Sightings

The Phoenix Lights were not shy! The craft moved as if it were on cruise control, casually coasting through the night sky as it was observed by thousands for 106 minutes. As many as 9 lights were reported moving in unison throughout the Arizona night sky as residents witnessed something out of the ordinary.

Where did it go?

It's unclear exactly what went on after the Phoenix Lights disappeared over the horizon south of Tucson that night. Some say that the V-shaped object was seen later that evening heading northwest, mirroring the same flight path it took earlier that evening, some say it shot up into space after jets got close to it.

Celebrity witness shares their story

We were all in shock when the we found out that movie star Kurt Russell appeared on British Broadcasting Corporation's public service channel and opened up about the night when he and his son encountered this massive object, while airborne , making their approach towards the airport that evening on March 13th 1997

Kurt Russell

The pilot who reported the Phoenix Lights

A detailed account from a well known source who saw

The Phoenix Lights on March 13th, 1997

was none other than Kurt Russell who recently came out and discussed his experience flying into Phoenix that Thursday with his son. During the interview with BBC news Mr. Russell goes into detail about the size of the craft he encountered while airborne and how he randomly saw the story years later.

Listen to the full interview below!

Kurt Russel full interview

"I was flying my son ( Oliver ) to go see his girlfriend, and we were on approach. I saw six lights over the airport in absolute V shape. Oliver said to me, I was just looking at him, I was coming in, we're maybe a half mile out, and Oliver said, 'Pa, what are those lights?' Then I kind of came out of my reverie and said, ' I don't know what they are. He said, 'Are we okay here?' And I said, 'Yeah, I'm gonna call in, ' and I reported it."

The Importance of.....



During this interview, the innocence of the interviewer caused him to miss out on a Golden piece of information that was left out as Kurt Russell was giving his 1st account eye witness testimony as to what he saw on Thursday March 13, 1997 during approach of landing his private plane in Phoenix, Arizona.


It is imperative to know exactly what time it was when Kurt Russell flew right by the craft he was unable to identify and what he logged in his flight book. Was this question purposely left out or was the interviewer to focused on the sighting and lure of hear a famous Hollywood actor talk about a UFO sighting.

In Reality

In present day,  the truth about what was reported on local and national news stations versus what actually happened on March 13, 1997 is starting to come to light. The residents in the Valley of the Sun that witnessed the "Lights" that Thursday evening want the truth to be told.

In Comparison

The credible eyewitness accounts say that the craft was Considered to be a mile long

Up to 3 football fields in length, V-Shaped with square edges, and didn't make a sound. The "Lights" radiated Intelligence, as the moved in unison across the state.

The Lights over Phoenix were No accident!

List of Sightings during March of 1997

3/5/97 14:00PhoenixAZChevron60 minutesV-shaped craft observed flying east over Phoenix.2/18/01

3/7/97 19:45I-40 (rural Arizona)AZTriangle5-7 minutesI stood at the exact turning point as it came across from CA./NV then to Phoenix.11/14/14

3/8/97 Light/Orbs seen over the Superstition Mountains, pulsating and moving around for 35 mins around 3am.

3/9/97 01:00Arizona (desert; on route 66)AZTriangle2 hoursThere were smaller lights flying around the huge triangle firing lasers and they blew up something.5/15/06

3/10/97 (7 ) Employees at Sky Harbor witnessed 5 lights just over the airport facing east, while sitting on a break in the Flight Club.

3/12/97 08:00Phoenix (west towards)AZLightto +9:00pmI watched the UPN UFO special and have been meaning to send my information in since I first heard your director being interviewed by Arizona Republic 1/7/00

3/12/97 21:50Glendale (SSW of)AZLightover 3 weeksStationary object SW of the Phoenix AZ area seen over several nights. Quit appearing after the Mar 13 incident in Phoenix.3/7/98

3/13/97PhoenixAZOthercouple minutesThe phoenix lights5/2/03

3/13/97DouglasAZTriangle30'+Triangle Craft seen over Phoenix Az was seen first over Douglas Az flying North. ((NUFORC Note: Date unknown. PD))5/11/05

3/13/97 08:00Casa Grande (Indians Hills)AZCircle10 minsWe SAW THE UFO OF MARCH 13,19972/23/11

3/13/97 18:00PrescottAZFormation3 mins. approx.These were individual craft flying in a distinct formation-- absolutely not flares.2/14/06

3/13/97 18:40PhoenixAZChevron15 minA huge triangular object slowly drifting over Phoenix, AZ, 5 lights traveling probably less than 30 mph.5/15/06

3/13/97 19:00ScottsdaleAZTriangle30 minI hope it's ours ! If not, it's definitely 'someone else's'... (and FOR SURE, it's not of human origin) !3/11/06

3/13/97 19:00PhoenixAZTriangle

I saw both of these events in Phoenix while my family and I were driving home. The first event was the triangular formation. I saw no10/30/06

3/13/97 19:45StanfieldAZTriangle10 min3/13/97 7:45p.m.2/14/08

3/13/97 19:45Gila Bend (20 miles east of, on I-8)AZLight20 mins2 large, bright orange/pinkish lights seen south of I-8 over the desert. Went from 2 to 3 to 4 lights. Small bright objects quickly left 9/12/99

3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZChevron5 min. approx.An object, consisting of 5 lights, in the shape of an arrow, flew right over my house.4/2/99

3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZTriangle20-30 minV shaped object that flew from the north of phoenix and eventually right over phoenix 3/13/976/12/08

3/13/97 20:00KingmanAZFormation6 Minutes5 BRIGHT orange lights flying in a V formation3/7/98

3/13/97 20:00GlendaleAZDiamond5 minutesI had gone to visit with a friend at about 30 ave. and just north of northern, I arrived at his home and noticed his car was gone.

3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZOther5 minuetsa "Flying wing" which flew over my card as i was on I10 heading west3/16/00

3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZUnknown4 hoursThe Phoenix Lights Incident: Was anyone Abducted like I was On March 13, 1997?1/19/17

3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZTriangle5 minutesUFO over Phoenix 19978/12/08

3/13/97 20:00ScottsdaleAZLight45Not the Phoenix Lights, but the Scottsdale Lights.2/20/15

3/13/97 20:00East Mesa /Apache Junction.AZLight1 to 2 minI came home after work at about 9pm 3/13/997. My children, ages, 7,8,& 11, had been in the backyard all evening. When I arrived, they3/7/98

3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZChevron10 minutes"V" shaped black object with 5 lights, passed directly over our house in Phoenix and didn't make a sound. It's shape was that of a car pen3/7/98


3/13/97 20:00PhoenixAZCircle10 minutesFrom North to South over Camelback mountain High in the Arizona sky Hundreds of citizens see a phenomena of lights Soundlessly, slowly1/28/99

3/13/97 20:05PhoenixAZ

several minutesearly evening time object the size of 2 or three jumbo jets could see lights invisible no sound moved incredibly slow like a zeppelin ba3/7/00

3/13/97 20:10TempeAZOther5-10minPhoenix Lights3/19/02

3/13/97 20:12PrescottAZFormation5 minv formation white lights to start with at long range as it got closer looking through binoculars each light was actually 2 one red one3/7/98

3/13/97 20:15PrescottAZFormation5 Minutes +Chevron formation of five white lights, plus other strange things.3/2/04

3/13/97 20:15Black Canyon City (5 miles N of)AZChevronappx. 2 minutesPhoenix Lights on I-17 near Sunset Point Rest Area5/15/06

3/13/97 20:15PhoenixAZLight10 minutesAirline pilot views Phoenix lights from Interstate 10, while driving to work.4/26/00

3/13/97 20:15ScottsdaleAZTriangle5 minMyself, my 12 yr old son and his friend watched a large triangular shape craft with colored lights (red mostly) in chevron design glide8/28/02

3/13/97 20:15Phoenix (Ahwatukee)AZTriangle10 minSighted red to white horizontal line on the north west horizon. As the object got closer it looked like a 5 light triangle. It passed o3/7/98

3/13/97 20:15Phoenix (Tempe)AZLight7 min.5 orange colored lights fall toward earth like fireworks. Shortly after they hovered in place, pulsating and began moving at odd trajectory 3/7/98

3/13/97 20:15PrescottAZFormation10 minObserved five yellow-white lights traveling from NW to NE then turning to S3/7/98

3/13/97 20:16Diamond Valley (Prescott Valley)AZTriangle15 minutes5 Lighted, V-shaped UFO over Diamond Valley (Henderson, NV, to Phoenix, AZ.). 3/13/1997.

3/13/97 20:20PhoenixAZTriangleapx 4-8 minv of lights over phoenix Az.5/15/06

3/13/97 20:20Northwest TempeAZFormation15 minutesWe saw 5 red lights, in a V formation, from the north to the south, in a fifteen minute period.3/7/98

3/13/97 20:20PhoenixAZ10 secPhoenix Lights orb1/31/04

3/13/97 20:25BuckeyeAZSphere5 MINUTESObserved a number (3 - 5) of white/yellow lights hovering (suspended) approximately 7 - 10 miles away. Observed streaking object leaving3/7/98

3/13/97 20:25GlendaleAZ

In response to this story: Yes, there are F-15s stationed at Luke AFB. My father works for Boeing8/7/07

3/13/97 20:30ChandlerAZUnknown3-10minsi was driving north on I-10 from gila river Indian community.

i got on the ramp i-10 queen creek rd.around 8pm or before9/2/05

3/13/97 20:30PhoenixAZChevron20 minutesWitnessed the object travel south along Interstate 10 toward Casa Grande8/5/01

3/13/97 20:30PhoenixAZFormation5 min +4 orange lights at about 30' elevation looking to the North/North-East. Appeared in a wide trapezoid formation. Very slow moving.8/5/01

3/13/97 20:30PhoenixAZ

hourPhoenix lights were were explained on the Art Bell website by Ed Dames (Dr Doom) many years ago. I would email my copy but it was saved1/22/04

3/13/97 20:30Chandler (app. 20 miles E/SE of Phoenix)AZTriangle1.5 minMy wife and I witnessed a craft passing in front us us that was close to a mile long.This boomerang/ triangular craft became "translucent"1/11/02

3/13/97 20:30PhoenixAZTriangle3-4 minutesPhoenix UFO sighting March 13, 19971/28/99

3/13/97 20:30Chino ValleyAZFormation3 to 5 MinutesObserved 5 white lights approaching from the northwest at what appeared to be a low level but rising as they approached. 3 lights in front 8/5/01

3/13/97 20:30TempeAZLight20 minNothing WE have, could have done what we all saw that night.3/19/09

3/13/97 20:30PhoenixAZTriangle3 min.Another report on the Phoenix lights, but every prospective is important to get the whole picture and or map the object as it descended2/23/00

3/13/97 20:30Gila Bend (G.B. AUXILARY FIELD, )AZChevron20 MINS.At approx. 2015 hrs.flares dropped were close enough that I could see the white smoke as each burned, but the parachutes were not visible 4/26/99

3/13/97 20:30TempeAZFormation5 minutesI was in tempe with a bunch of my friends when we saw a group of about 5-7 lights in the sky. They seemed to stay in the same place. Th1/28/99

3/13/97 20:30GoodyearAZUnknown5 minutesThe object sat a while in a field next to us, then slowly floated right over us until it disappeared.3/19/09

3/13/97 20:35TucsonAZChevron3-5 minutesI was driving west from Texas on interstate 10. I do not remember the time of the evening it was. I passed the Tucson city limits, and2/19/16

3/13/97 20:40PhoenixAZFormation4 minutesI saw seven UFOs appear in formation then disappear.8/5/01


3/13/97 20:45PhoenixAZTriangle3 minutesUnexplained Arizona Sighting1/28/99

3/13/97 20:45PeoriaAZChevron5 minutesSlow moving chevron-shaped object with multiple lights over our house moving north-south3/11/16

3/13/97 21:00PrescottAZFormation30 secondsSaw 5 bright lights in triangle formation in the north and heading southeast at an extremely fast speed.3/7/98

3/13/97 21:00PhoenixAZDiamond2 to 5 minutesI witnessed the "Phoenix Lights" the evening of March 13th 1997 from a distance of one to two miles.4/16/05

3/13/97 21:00PhoenixAZTriangle4 minutesMy wife and I were walking our dogs on the south side of South Mountain in the mountain park when we saw the ufo come over the mountain3/19/02

3/13/97 21:00Phoenix (north of)AZChevron30Five V-shaped lights heading south on I-17 toward Phoenix11/28/07

3/13/97 21:00PhoenixAZOther

A spaceship fly's through the sky in a V shape.2/1/07

3/13/97 21:00PhoenixAZ me, my uncle, my friend, and my dad were outside(in our backyard)when we saw 5 or 6 brightly lighted lights in the sky(about a mile long o4/26/00

3/13/97 21:15PhoenixAZRectangleapprox. 10 min.03/15/1997, 21:15 Phoenix, Arizona 20 rectangular objects in "V" formation, performed circular spin, etc.11/28/073/13/97 22:00Casa GrandeAZFormation8 secondsPhoenix lights witnessed in Casa Grande, AZ4/16/05

3/13/97 22:00Date landAZCircle10 MinutesHovering Light Formation in Southwest Arizona in March 19978/24/10

3/13/97 22:00TucsonAZLight10 minutesWe saw unidentified lights that didn't blink or make noise and moved very, very quickly.10/30/06

3/13/97 22:00GlendaleAZFireball2 hoursFireball on the top of mountain behind Luke Air Force Base, AZ.5/29/11

3/13/97 22:00PhoenixAZOther30 minutesThis was real, and not flares!7/5/05

3/13/97 22:05PhoenixAZ

I have just watched UFO over Phoenix on the discovery channel.I have seen the program several times, however this time while watching wi2/14/08

3/13/97 00:00ScottsdaleAZTriangle:40 minutes2002 submission of March 13th mass UFO sightings over Phoenix3/19/02

3/14/97 01:10Tucson (southwest of town)AZDisk3-4 minutesCreature attempted to enter house.11/12/15

3/14/97 19:00SahuaritaAZTriangle10 secondsVery large cone-shaped object appeared out of nowhere2/18/01

3/14/97 20:00TonopahAZSphere25 minutesI-10 W of Tonapah AZ and Highway 85 S I watched3 golf ball sized lights "QQQ" being observed by a jet (half the size of a tack head) 20:3/7/98

3/15/97 01:00San Tan ValleyAZLight5 hrsI specifically recall a grey touching my forehead with one long skinny finger to put me back under?1/5/11

3/16/97 11:30Yuma (desert, on Olgiby Rd., 16 mi. ne. of Yuma)AZTriangle45min.about one mi. from front light to back and across about 10 t0 15 mi. from us. im just now able to talk about it.5/24/99

3/16/97 21:00Maricopa (southwest of town)AZlight4-5 min.8-10 bright stationary orange lights, plus a small line of 6-8 smaller bluish-white lights which flashed in succession from l. to r.,9/28/02

3/17/97 20:00WickenburgAZLight20 minutesA bright, silent, white circular light hovered for about 20 minutes and then sped off and disappeared.12/7/06

3/17/97 20:15PhoenixAZLight~4 minutesThe Phoenix Lights, March 13, 1997 . . . I Saw Something Different12/8/17

3/17/97 20:35MesaAZChevron5 secsUFO over Phoenix...over my back yard. March 19977/11/003/17/97 21:00TucsonAZTriangle10 seconds25 miles west of Tucson, Az. Strange orange balls in a triangle pattern, in march of 1997.1/22/04

3/20/97 00:00PhoenixAZOther10 minutesV shaped object with lights on the wings buzzing too low over the highway...10/10/11

3/22/97 16:00ScottsdaleAZCircle10 minutesDaughter and I saw two round craft forming triangle with North Star, then dancing around each other and then zoomed off into deep space6/12/08

3/26/97 22:30WinslowAZTriangle30-40 minutesTriangle craft positioned over Winslow, AZ for 30-40 minutes6/12/08


What took place on March 13, 1997 was no accident! In fact, the Lights over Phoenix was a response to a message we sent in the past, a response we knew was coming. 


As Chris made it home from work that evening, he noticed the lights we still in the sky, in the direction towards South Mountain & Estrella Mountain range. He called Sweetheart out to witness exactly what he had seen when he was on his way home from work. When she stepped outside to observe the lights over Phoenix, she brought up a conversation that took place on Jan 20, 1997 while on a trip our Nations Capitol. This conversation involved a very important man! 

Sweetheart broke her silence and filled Chris in on details about that conversation, details that Chris would never forget.


The story will continue in a book format. 

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